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Recognizing the Unity and Sovereignty of Beings

Earth Council Embassy Trust (ECET) has only one rank; Earthkeeper. We are a non-hierarchical organisation. All Earth Keepers communicate this blueprint for peace, via any media, so we can attain our first objective; communicate this peace plan to Earth's Population by the end of 2018.

Our other objective is to create the First World Vote on DEC 21st, 2020. All Earth Keepers do what they can to help manifest the vote in their country and area (and elsewhere if possible). .

Change the United Nations to Earth Council? (Earth Council based on the fail-safes in this blueprint; I.e. Basing power in local communities, Direct Democracy and the Regions of Earth Council).

If you wish to formally register, as an Earth Keeper, please email us and you will then be kept in the loop as to our progress/process as different nations ECET Communication Teams interact. Maybe you will organise your area or your countries ECET Communication Team?


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