3. Direct Democracy

Direct Democracy and the Four Fail-safes:

Direct Democracy fulfils the highest aspirations of both democracy and communism as governance is by the people. The people create the agenda and vote laws in or out.

1. A two-third majority is needed to create or remove a law; whether on a Local Level, or State Level, or National Level, or Regional Level or Global Level.

2. 10% of the population need to petition for a law to be voted on; this applies to a Local Level, or State Level, or National Level, or Regional Level or Global Level (This protects the direct democratic process from being flooded with petitions few care about).

3. Everyone can see who voted what; full transparency (It needs to be passed into law that it is illegal to pressure someone to vote a particular way).

4. Two international independent information technology teams need to monitor the voting process to ensure its security and transparency.

In Direct Democracy everyone gets the opportunity to vote on every issue. Where computers or smart phones are not in a community they will be provided by Earth Council. No longer will we the people hire a select few to make important (and not so important) decisions. We will not allow a few to go to war in our names. Council members will be delegated to administer (en action) the will of the people as reflected in the voting results. They will also be empowered to mediate difficult issues, however, decisions will be made via Direct Democracy. Whatever is truly in the peoples interests will prevail. We, humanity, need to extend the rule of law (the rule of non-harm) from our National boundaries to the whole Earth. Direct Democracy is simple. As life is meant to be simple. Humanity needs to regain control of its destiny so we can protect the Earth for generations yet unborn. We must reprogram the corporations so they serve us and not rule us. They could be a force for good in the world; if we program them correctly!